5 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Dublin

If you have kids and are looking for what to do in Dublin, check out our top picks for kid-friendly activities that will entertain your children for hours – but you’ll have fun too!

        1. The Phoenix Park & Dublin Zoo

"Phoenix Park"

This sprawling estate was first used as a royal hunting park. However, nowadays, it is a place where families can enjoy some fresh air and engage in joyful activities.

This park offers your family a chance to explore its grounds, find out interesting things about the wildlife and enjoy the wonderful Victorian flower gardens. The scenic surroundings will surely please all members of your family, and the playground will serve as the go-to children’s hub! Furthermore, the Dublin Zoo is also located in this park, so you’ll have a chance to introduce your kids to a variety of animals!

        2. The ARK

Ah, isn’t it wonderful when you have an amazing children’s centre right there in Dublin? Of course it is. And believe it or not, the ARK is just the place to be if your kids are anywhere between two and twelve years old.

The ARK offers plenty of activities for children, including exhibitions and a kid-sized theatre. Furthermore, they can also take part in interesting workshops, such as the Life on Mars and Seedlings workshops, and really get to know art from a different perspective. Overall, this centre is just what your children need if they want to have fun and learn at the same time.

The ARK even has themed weeks, for example, Science week, and it offers music, art and theatre learning experiences.

        3. Imaginosity

Immersing yourself in an activity isn’t that hard when you’re an adult. However, children need a bit more to get them interested in something. Luckily, there’s no better way to do that than by taking them to Imaginosity.

This interactive children’s museum aims to introduce youngsters to art, theatre, computers, music and crafts, just to name a few. Once there, your children can take part in one of the many workshops Imaginosity has to offer and learn along the way. In essence, this museum will boost their creativity while they’re playing, laughing and meeting new friends.

The activities include visiting Dr Apple-a-day’s Surgery, the Supermarket and even the Post Office. Moreover, your children can take part in water play at Professor Squiggly’s Water Lab, become constructors in the Construction Zone and even explore the Roof Garden and perhaps see Eco Badger!

        4. Dublinia

Vikings are still as interesting as they were when you were in school. Therefore, why not help your children learn more about them?

Dublinia is the best place for learning about Vikings, as well as Medieval Dublin and all the history behind it. What’s more, your children can visit historical medieval sights, such as St. Michael’s Tower. They can explore and immerse themselves in a history long gone while listening to myths and stories.

Even better, Dublinia also offers a chance for young budding archaeologists to learn more about archaeology, see artefacts and even explore some of the earliest maps of this glorious city.

        5. The Chocolate Warehouse

Nothing says “good times” better than chocolate — and that’s exactly what your children will get in The Chocolate Warehouse.

This real-life chocolate wonderland will be a treat for children who happen to have a sweet tooth. Once there, they can learn more about the history of chocolate, as well as its origins.

Furthermore, The Chocolate Warehouse also offers an interesting two-hour workshop. There, your children can hear more stories about chocolate and even become chocolatiers themselves! Of course, all the chocolate they decorate is theirs to keep. Moreover, at the end of this workshop, your child will even get a certificate. Now that’s the sweetest end to a perfect day for a kid in Dublin!

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