Dinner in Dalkey Town: Top Spots to Try by the Coast

No matter how much you love Dublin, there might come a time when you feel like you need a break from it. Whether you’re living, working, or just visiting, its bustling streets can become a bit overwhelming.

If you feel like you need a peaceful oasis with an urban touch, then you need to go to Dalkey. Only half an hour away from Dublin by DART, this former Viking stronghold will welcome you with arms wide open.

You can be a real tourist there and visit the castle, go to the theatre, or enjoy shopping at the market or at one of Dalkey’s many festivals. If you’re more interested in nature, you can simply enjoy the panoramic views of the bay.

But Dalkey knows its tourists well — aside from sightseeing and fun, they come looking for great food. And the town delivers it without fail. So, whatever you do, don’t miss out on the chance to eat at one of the following restaurants.

"Top Spots to Try by the Coast"


Joint owned by siblings Kim and David O’Driscoll, DeVille’s is a place where everybody will find something they like. This bistro serves reasonably priced French cuisine on weeknights, but it also offers its visitors brunch every Friday and on the weekends.

Aside from standard delicacies like steak-frites or duck confit, the O’Driscoll’s like to take advantage of the bistro’s location in the best possible way, so you will also notice an abundance of seafood on the menu.

Seeing as a good French dish doesn’t quite go down without some French wine, DeVille’s serves the best of the best. Of course, it might be a bistro, but there will always be room for draft beers and a long list of spirits and original cocktails to suit everyone’s taste.


Located on Castle Street, Jaipur is the proud home of some of the best Indian food Dalkey has to offer. Famous dishes like biryani, chicken tikka masala, and rogan josh are cooked to perfection. Aside from these iconic offerings, the menu is packed with more exotic names that are all prepared with a lot of love.

When you think about it, it’s no wonder that Jaipur has found its way to many food guide awards in Ireland. In fact, the restaurant is a proud owner of several McKennas’ Guide Plaques.

If you’re looking for an unobtrusive setting that offers exquisite tastes, you can rest assured that you’ll find it within Jaipur’s walls.

The Magpie Inn

Considering that it’s in the very heart of Dalkey, you wouldn’t expect The Magpie Inn to serve food at such reasonable prices. And yet it does! Their meals are simple but still somehow manage to surprise even the pickiest of palates.

Now, a pub wouldn’t be a pub if there was no beer. There’s a wide variety of craft and draught beers waiting to fill your pint.

The Magpie Inn’s casual attitude towards dining is clearly reflected in their menu — it changes depending on the season. Visitors coming at different times can expect to find options such as wild game, 32-day aged steaks, and seafood.


Celebrating 14 years in Business, Benito´s is the place to go if you are looking for true Italian food serving authentic Italian dishes.

From Woodfired Pizzas to its Homemade Pasta and with Private Dining in The Loft, Benito´s appeals to families and couples alike. And for those nights you might prefer to stay in, you can order online. Benito´s has a takeaway section and offers a delivery service.

1909 Restaurant and Wine Bar

If you’re looking for a classically elegant place to have a glass of wine or enjoy a nice quiet meal, then look no further than 1909 Restaurant & Wine Bar. This French restaurant is tastefully decorated — it even has its own piano bar.

People can come and eat lunch and dinner seven days a week. They can choose from an à la carte menu featuring roast baby chicken, Wicklow lamb, pan-fried monkfish with chorizo, and so on. For those with a sweet tooth, Cointreau custard crème brûlée is a must. Aside from that, there’s a weekend brunch, visitors can join as well.

The Queens Bar & Steak Room

The Queens Bar & Steak Room is one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. It was established in 1745, and its old-time charm is its best advertisement. Its amazing service and relaxing ambiance attract both locals and tourists throughout the year.

Meat lovers will absolutely adore this place — their steaks come served on a steaming hot stone, which allows each guest to cook their own food. On the side, you’ll always find three different sauces and home cut fries.

Ragazzi Italian Ristorante

Fans of Italian food know what to expect when they enter Ragazzi. It is a lively place bustling with guests and offering high-quality food served by theatrical Italian waiters. And believe us, the crowd it attracts is well-justified.

According to TripAdvisor rankings, Ragazzi proudly sits among the top 5 restaurants in Dalkey. Visitors can expect a set menu, antipasti, or meat and pasta dishes. More creative customers can even opt for a design-your-own-pizza.

The Guinea Pig

The Guinea Pig is one of those restaurants that attract the attention of Hollywood stars. The reason for that, however, is not a passing fad — it’s been occurring continuously since 1957. Much like some of the celebrities that have visited it, the restaurant is timeless.

It takes great pride in the consistency of chef Mervyn Stewart’s food, as well as in the great courtesy with which the dishes are served. Florence, the chef’s wife, is in charge of supervising the serving procedures.

The restaurant has earned its fame thanks to local seafood — all of the fish, crabs, and lobsters are caught nearby. In addition to that, they get some fish from the Atlantic, while the poultry comes from farms all over Ireland.

Thai House

Winner of the Bridgestone Guide award for 13 consecutive years, Thai House is the best choice for travellers looking for a rich and authentic gastronomic experience.

Regardless of their personal taste and dietary preferences, visitors just can’t resist this Irish take on Thai cuisine. What’s more, the restaurant staff is passionate about constantly improving the menu, so they’ve even added some European dishes to it.

And when the amazing food is served in an informal and intimate setting, the guests are sure to leave happy and full.

Kathmandu Nepalese Restaurant

If there’s any place that can conjure up the magical Himalayas in the middle of Dalkey, it’s Kathmandu Nepalese Restaurant. All the spices used in cooking are sourced straight from Nepal, but visitors have the honour of choosing the spice level themselves.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of curries, as well as a plethora of seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes. Aside from food that would suit everyone’s taste, the restaurant offers hosting private events.

Ouzos Bar & Grill

Ouzos Bar & Grill is a place where friends love to come together when they want to eat, drink, and have a good time. In a relaxing setting, the restaurant offers exquisite dry-aged steaks and freshly caught crustaceans of all kinds. The owners get the seafood and fish from Sandycove, Arklow town, Dublin, and Kilkeel, so it’s all local.

The Club Dalkey

Once they’ve had a nice walk around the town, many tourists decide to stop by The Club Dalkey. It is one of those traditional places where afternoons and evenings just fly by unnoticed. With an open fireplace and a smart table arrangement, this pub offers its visitors a touch of intimacy and seclusion.

Both regular and occasional visitors praise The Club Dalkey’s chicken and steak, as well as seafood and wok-fried dishes. Also, those that come for drinks and a simple bite to eat will love the restaurant’s snack menu.

Finnegan’s of Dalkey

Established over 40 years ago, Finnegan’s of Dalkey is a family business that shows no signs of stopping. Dalkey locals love it, and for a good reason.

The place may be stylish, but the food is home-made. Namely, the ingredients are all-natural and free-range. With it, the visitors can choose from a long list of red and white wines, as well as a number of cocktails.

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