Ideal Activities for Rare Sunny Days in Dublin

Cloudy and rainy days are very common in Dublin. Therefore, when a sunny day comes every once in a while, both residents and visitors love to make the most of it. In fact, many activities and the most charming Dublin’s views are best experienced under clear skies.

Here are some of the best things to do in Dublin on a sunny afternoon:

Organise a Picnic at St. Stephen’s Green

St. Stephen’s Green is a gorgeous outdoor park located at the end of Grafton Street. Full of captivating green spaces and all sorts of flowers in bloom, this park leaves nobody underwhelmed. In fact, its picturesque ponds make for the perfect setting for numerous people who enjoy feeding the birds. Also, when the day is warm, the grass and the benches make for perfect picnic spots.

Explore the National Botanic Gardens

"Botanic Gardens"

If the city rush has you exhausted, you can find an escape just outside the city centre — in Dublin’s Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. Along with the Gardens, you will be able to see a couple of historic iron glass greenhouses as well as the National Herbarium.

There are multiple free weekly exhibitions and events that make the Botanic Gardens a great place to visit on a sunny day. Throughout April, you can participate in daily walks through the grounds organized by the Gardens. Also, these walks are free of charge on Sundays.

Go to Croke Park to Watch a Match

When it comes to sports matches, the famous Croke Park hosts some of the most exciting and fast-paced matches in Europe. For instance, you could enjoy Gaelic football and hurling; whatever you choose, you can expect an unparalleled atmosphere, excitement, and energy.

Meet the Deer at Phoenix Park

"Phoenix Park"

Go along North Dublin and you’ll end up at Phoenix Park — the biggest park in Northern Europe. Expect to see nothing but captivating views, flowers in full bloom all year round, as well as many friendly wild deer. Also, the famous Dublin Zoo is located in the park.

Pay a Visit to Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum

"Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum"

Glasnevin — the first cemetery and museum in the world — is the final resting place of numerous legendary Irish figures such as Daniel O’Connell. With the help of a knowledgeable guide, you could tour Glasnevin and learn about the history and countless experiences of some of the million people buried there.

Visit the Temple Bar Book Market

If you are a book lover searching for a new interesting read, the Temple Bar area in South Dublin is the right place to check out. Every weekend, they host an outdoor book market from 11 am to 6 pm.

You will be able to find both old and new books there, as well as second-hand books, which can sometimes be real gems. Also, people of all ages can find a book for themselves at the book market.

There is one more thing you should know — Temple Bar is delightful and peaceful during the day, but don’t let that fool you. At night, this area is known for its exciting nightlife. Still, at broad daylight, this area provides a perfect setting for friends and family outings.

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