Jameson, Guinness and the Irish food culture

It is undeniable that Dublin is a vibrant city, with its culture, art and music, but also regarding its gastronomy and drinking’s with the popular and famous Guinness beer or the Jameson whiskey produced in the country. Jameson and Guinness are two of the most traditional drink brands of the nation and reason for national pride.

The best way to begin the day is with a traditional – and enhanced – Irish breakfast with eggs, bread, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes and even sweet beans. After savouring this rich and appetizing meal, you’ll be ready to embark on an alcoholic and gastronomic tour of the Irish capital. And believe me: you will need the extra energy.

The Old Jameson Distillery, founded by John Jameson in 1780, was for almost 200 years the place where Jameson whiskey was made.

"Old Jameson Distillery"

Today, the small Bow Street distillery houses a museum where visitors can see the artisan process of making Irish whiskey. The visit starts with the history of the Jameson brand followed by a walk through the process of making Irish whiskey. The guide will accompany you through the different zones of the space, passing through where the milling, maceration, fermentation, distillation, and maturation took place.

The great secret of the brand is in the triple distillation, which leaves the whiskey much lighter and softer. At the end of the tour, the most exciting part of the journey arrives. The guide will offer each visitor three shots of whiskey, one of the bestselling Scottish brand in the world, Johnnie Walker, undergoing a double distillation process; another of the world’s most well-known American brand, Jack Daniel’s, which is distilled only once; and, finally, the most famous Irish brand, Jameson, of course! With a sip of water between one dose and another, the difference in texture and flavour between the drinks becomes clear.

In the end, all participants receive a Jameson taster certificate. It is a great memory of this visit!

And then it’s time for lunch.

Dublin has the most varied cuisine possible, in restaurants, pubs, bars and snack bars that are sure to appeal to all the most diverse and demanding palates.

A great treat is to try some famous dishes such as the renowned meat pie and Irish Stew, which is an incremented stew of beef that is prepared with the authentic Guinness beer served with mashed potatoes.

And maybe beer is not your favourite drink, but the Guinness Storehouse is worth a visit.

A trip to Dublin is always related to a visit to the Guinness Factory. It’s something similar to the Louvre in Paris: you just cannot miss it. In the city where James Joyce was born, you need to plan this. You will also have to enjoy many other things, but you need to take into account that the Guinness factory is the most visited brewery in Europe.

Come and savour the authentic Irish flavour with a fascinating visit to the historic Guinness Brewery.

"Guinness Store House"

Each floor faithfully recreates the legacy of Guinness, revealing the history of its origins, here at the St. James’s Gate Distillery, and its growth as a global brand.

Book the rest of the day to discover the seven floors of the building as there is plenty to see and experience.

Learn the dramatic history of beer popularly known as black stuff.

Know all the details about Arthur Guinness and how he came to find a brand that more than 250 years later is recognized all over the world. Discover the secrets of black beer: the ingredients, the process, the passion.

Admire the beautiful and colourful collection of Guinness posters that have become marketing icons. A whole floor where you can go through the years and see how Guinness advertising campaigns were in the past, and how they have been changing over time.

The brewery also has some restaurants specializing in Irish food with a touch of Guinness, as well as a gift shop and a selection of branded products.

And your experience would not be complete if you did not learn how to serve a perfect pint of Guinness. In the Guinness Academy section, the visitor can learn to serve a perfect pint of Guinness and still receive a diploma.

The climax of the visit will be the climb to the Gravity Bar, situated in the upper area of the warehouse, where it is possible to taste the beer while admiring one of the most beautiful views of the Irish capital.

To end a fantastic day and if you still have energy left choose one of the pubs in the Temple Bar area and enjoy the nightlife of Dublin with lots of music, dancing, and beer of course!

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