Stunning Spots To Walk Your Doggo On A Sunny Day!

One of the greatest things about sunny days is the opportunity to spend some fun time outdoors with your Doggo. Dogs love to be out; they love to roam through the grass, chase birds, and explore what they can during walks. When the weather is particular warmer it gives the chance to take longer strolls, so why not venture to some of these hidden hotspots in Dublin and enjoy quality time walking the dog.

Dublin is a bustling city, and although it may not be recognised as a Dog-friendly Capital it does have some lovely hidden gems, all of which are near to the city, in fact right under your nose, and you may not have realised it.

Let’s explore these stunning routes and make your weekend strolls a lot more joyful.

Dollymount Strand

Dollymount Strand is located on Bull Island and its part of the National Nature Reserve and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This stunning location is a 5km stretch consisting of sand dunes along the beach and is accessed via the Wooden Bridge in Clontarf or if you prefer you could take the Causeway Road route. Parking is conveniently nearby, and there is easy access to the seafront via the public footpath.

If you haven’t already visited this location you do not know what you are missing, Dollymount is wonderfully picturesque offering spectacular views of Dublin Bay. This big open space is ideal for Dog walkers; it allows them to roam freely rolling in the sand and paddle in the sea. Why not take the whole family and make a day of exploring the Laoighre Pier or the iconic Poolbeg towers.

Killiney Hill

For those who prefer forestry trails rather than beaches, then Killiney Hill and Dalkey Hill are a must. There are several different trails to explore, so each visit offers a unique experience. You will never tire of this location, neither will your pooch, you can explore forest paths to the top of Killiney Hill, and once at the top you can take a much-earned rest whilst soaking up the stunning views of the Dublin mountains and the sea.

 Another route will venture through Dalkey Quarry (South Dublin side), but both trails conveniently bring you back to the same location where the car park is situated.

It’s the ideal day out for the whole family as well as the dog; you could take a picnic and make a day of it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s a great form of exercise that the whole family and your pet can enjoy. Grassy hills and plentiful woodland make this location an explorer’s dream.

Ticknock Hill

Forest and Hills make this setting a climber’s paradise. It’s popular for climbers due to its vast 10km of mountains, but it also offers plenty of forestry walks too. It offers walks and climbs for all levels of fitness, by sticking to the main trails you don’t have to do anything strenuous just simply enjoy its stunning setting. For those who much prefer a challenge, Wicklow Way will offer a more exerting route.

You can mount the peak of Three Rock Mountain, Two Rock Mountain and reap the rewards at the top when you vision the stunning Wicklow Mountains and Dublin Bay. Don’t forget to take your camera and before you take on a trail, ensure its suitable for your pooches’ fitness levels too.

St Anne’s Park

Built on the former estate owned by the Guinness family in 1885 St Anne’s Park is the second biggest Park in Dublin, it’s huge! It’s perfect for dog walkers and family explorers; it’s ideal for all levels of fitness due to its vast array of terrain, you can stay low level and stroll through the park pathways if you wish or take a more challenging aspect through the woodland areas which are rather hilly.

Ideally, this location offers a Dog park which allows pooches to be let off the lead and have some freedom. For families, you can take in the picturesque scenery of the Rose Gardens, walled gardens, streams, and a duck pond, and for the kids, they can enjoy the playground area.

All of the above locations are perfect for days out with your pooch being allowed to tag along to, it’s great for quality family time, it’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s exciting, and it never gets boring. Why not pack up a picnic and venture out this weekend!


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