The Charming Seaside Town of Dún Laoghaire

Dún Laoghaire is a charming seaside town near Dublin, roughly 12km from the city centre. Located South East of the Capital, it’s perfect for those looking to get away from the agitation of the big city.

For those who enjoy history and beautiful scenery, Dún Laoghaire is the place to visit, especially on a sunny day.

Dún Laoghaire Pier

"Dún Laoghaire Pier"

The main tourist point is the town´s pier. This spot has been the scenery for movies and music video clips, and it is a really charming place to discover.

Everyone goes there all year round, but especially in the summer to enjoy the sun and walk along the two huge boardwalks that border the town’s Marina, with many boats and people practicing water sports like diving, sailing, or regattas.

Back to the Dún Laoghaire piers, the best known and busiest boardwalk is the East Pier. It is 1.2 km and is crowded with people walking … families, groups of young people, food stands, musicians. It is a delight to walk there, see the birds, the people, the lighthouse, eat and relax. A stop at Teddy´s is mandatory to enjoy the best ice cream in Dublin.

If you want a quieter walk, it’s best to go to the West Pier, which is 1.5 km away and is closer to the train station and far from the town centre. There you can also visit one of the lighthouses of Dún Laoghaire, dated from 1852.

The Forty-Foot

The rock known for swimming (Forty-Foot) is just a 15-minute walk from the seafront promenade opposite to Dún Laoghaire. This place is the chosen swimming spot for locals and visitors alike and was listed by The New York Times as one of the top ten places to swim in the world.

For a lunch break, near the Harbour, you can find lots of great places for eating where you can select from a multitude of restaurants offering freshly prepared food with a focus on sustainability and Irish produce.

The People’s Park

Another incredible place to visit is the town’s main park. Located at the bottom of Upper George’s Street on the Coast Road, Dún Laoghaire’s fabulous People’s Park is a charmingly landscaped oasis of tranquillity, very near to Dún Laoghaire harbour. On Sundays, local food producers and artisans display their wares causing the venue to become a mini fair.

In addition to this place, there is the James Joyce museum which is small but full of precious things like ancient well-preserved materials and

The National Maritime Museum and The Municipal Library

The National Maritime Museum of Ireland is installed in a 180-year-old seafaring church and is home to countless historical naval artefacts and exhibitions. You will learn about maritime history, exploration, navigation, nature, wildlife, and sea-inspired visual art.

Next to the museum is the Lexicon DLR, the main library of Dún Laoghaire.

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