Top 7 Facts About Guinness We Bet You Didn’t Know!

"Guinness Store House"

If you’re heading to Dublin anytime soon – Guinness may be at the forefront of your mind- and rightly so! Before you go sampling Dublin’s finest, or head off to visit the Guinness Storehouse, here are a few interesting facts you may not have known.

Fact 1- It’s estimated that around 10 million glasses of Guinness are sold daily!

Although the Irish a famous for it, Guinness is a global brand adored internationally/worldwide. It’s a classic Irish stout not only loved by the Irish folks but adored by many beer drinkers far and beyond and astonishingly a massive hit in Africa, who actually own three breweries, yes who’d have thought? And would you have ever known that Nigeria is said to be the second-biggest consumer of this stout? There’s a fact worth remembering!

Fact 2- The pouring of the pint is a skill in itself!

True Guinness commissioners know only too well how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, and it all comes down to timing, if not done correctly you could end up with a pint of foam! So, to get this right, they swear by timing, so basically it entails 119.5 seconds of pouring whilst holding a glass at a 45-degree angle and voila… there you have it!

Fact 3- Guinness had a former name!

Guinness dates back centuries, and back then, it was a popular brew amongst train porters and so bagged the name ‘Porter’ later changed to ‘Stout Porter’ before it took on the infamous name Guinness today.

Fact 4- The headquarters are no longer based in Dublin!

In fact, they are actually based in London now because the company merged with Diageo, and they moved to the capital, but don’t worry, the Guinness Storehouse is still in Dublin.

Fact 5- A pint of Black, or is it?

Although people tend to refer to it as a pint of Black it’s not actually black at all, in fact, the stout is actually a very dark red colour, the processing of its Barley creates this deep shade, try holding a pint up to the light where it becomes more apparent!

Fact 6- The Widget in your can has its uses!

You know that white ball in your can otherwise know as the ‘Widget’ it has its uses because without it we wouldn’t get that lovely Froth. So, appraisal to the one who thought of that idea, who invented a nifty little gadget, which keeps you can nice fizzy and Froth, because now we get the draft from the tap experience, straight from the can!

Fact 7- Guinness and the world record book!

Yes, you guessed it; the Guinness book of world records comes directly from Guinness. In fact, it found its feet right from the heart of a former managing director, known as Sir Hugh Beaver, in the 1950s; it all started with a bit of banter, well more so a debate they reckon, at a shooting party. Trying to establish the fasted game bird to no avail, no book knowledge either, he then made his own, and the rest is history.


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