Top Spots in Dublin To Get Engaged This Summer

When it comes to popping that special question to your loved one, it has to be in a place which will forever be in etched in their minds. A place so spectacular and remarkable your grandchildren will gasp at awe, when they hear about it years later.

Though not hailed as ‘the city of love’ unlike Paris, the beautiful city of Dublin has all this to offer and more. The city’s perfect romantic spots with ravishing views and spectacular scenic beauty are enough to sweep anyone off their feet. Below we look at the top spots in Dublin to get engaged this summer.

Top Spots in Dublin to Get Engaged This Summer:

  1. Great South Wall

One of the hidden treasures of the city, the Great South Wall constructed in the 1700s to make sure shipping lanes weren’t filling with sand.

Take a romantic stroll across the four-mile long pier with the Irish sea for company on both sides and watch the sunset. Walk up to the charming Poolbeg Lighthouse at the end of the pier, where you can plan to propose against the picturesque backdrop of the setting sun.

  1. Phoenix Park

"Phoenix Park"

With lush green forests, the blue summer sky and hordes of the golden spotted friends for company, this park in Dublin is an ideal place for all romantic gestures amidst nature.

Walk up to the deer habitats on a casual morning stroll and while he or she is busy admiring the deer, get down on your knees and pop the special question.

  1. Love Lane

This was a quaint little alley linking Essex Street and Dame Street was redesigned by street artist Anna Doran into the perfect proposal spot.

What makes it so special? Across the length of the alley, it has designs and paintings of love hearts on the ground, romantic designs on the walls with sweet, mushy messages on its tiles, which makes it a sight to behold and a lane only for lovers.

  1. Trinity College

You might be wondering why a college would make this list. The answer is the spectacular Trinity Bell Tower.

With its ornate ancient architecture and the breath-taking view, it has in the dark, you can propose to your lover right under the shimmering moonlight.

Also, during the summers, the university would be almost empty, so expect no disturbance during your special moment.

  1. Howth Head Cliff Walk


With a panoramic view, overlooking the dramatic coast and an adorable seaside village, this scenic view is the one you mostly see in movies.

You can also plan your proposal in the Howth Pier if you don’t want to waste time hiking up. The secluded Balscadden Beach is another stunning stop you would not want to miss.

  1. Iveagh Gardens

This is perfect for a romantic date in its park, where you enjoy the stunning view of the waterfalls. Plan a nice little picnic on its grass and build up the moment. Then take a walk in the park and up to the waterfalls, where you get down your knee and propose in front of the cascading waterfalls.

Be sure that this one they’ll never be able to forget.

  1. Killiney Hill

Saving the best for the last, Killiney Hill in Dublin is one of the most beautiful proposal spots you can find all across the city.

The Killiney Hill Park is a small and adorable public park, made up of the Killney and Dakley Hills and overlooking the Killney and Dalkey villages.  With Dublin to the northwest, Irish sea and mountain of Wales to the east and southeast, and Bray Head and Wicklow mountains to the south, this serene and breath-taking spot has a view to die for!

Bring your lover for a fun hike up to this spot, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and sweep them off their feet with your proposal.

This summer choose a perfect spot from these top seven places and make your proposal stand out as an unforgettable moment for your partner.

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