Alternative Valentine’s Day Activities To Do In Dublin

Alternative Valentines Day Activities To Do In Dublin

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you may be thinking of something romantic to do this year? Well, if you haven’t already made plans yet, some of these wonderful ideas (for a Valentine’s Day in Dublin) could be the ideal date night to make the occasion extra special.

Ok romantic dinners for two are nice and all that, but they’re not for everyone. Some people aren’t that keen on the thought of sitting in a crowed restaurants full of couples having candlelit meals at preposterous prices because it is regarded as the “Normal thing to do”. It’s nice but hardly original, so we’ve come up with some alternative ideas to surprise your other half’s this year.

You don’t have to be a resident in Dublin to enjoy these activities; you could quite easily book a couple of days or even an overnight stay to enjoy some of them if you don’t live anywhere nearby. Read on to find out what Dublin has to offer to couples who are seeking a different kind of valentines treat this year.

Love Lane

How about a nice romantic stroll down Love lane? Situated within the heart of the city centre it links Temple Bar and Dame Street and displays an array of romantic quotes gracing its walls. The meaning behind the Lane is a project known as ‘Love the Lanes’ which focuses on reinventing the dark streets of Dublin into much brighter and more vibrant places to be. You will be in oar of its radiant, cheerful, artistic essences expressing love that is sure to make you smile. It’s one for social media, get selfie-ready with this one.

St Valentine

I bet you never thought that you could visit St Valentine himself. Well, in fact, you can all thanks to Pope Gregory XV1 who did gift the ‘patron saint of lovers’ (aka St Valentines) remains to Dublin, way back in 1936. If you fancy taking a look for yourself, visit the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street where he lays to rest. Now we know that it may sound a bit morbid, still, the site is ever so popular, almost a kind of pilgrimage for those celebrating love and the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Dublin Zoo

A bit of an unusual one but nevertheless memorable, how about a trip to Dublin Zoo lapping up the offer that’s available this year? Yes, that’s correct! Dublin Zoo has a Valentine’s package on offer this year for couples looking to do something a bit different. The offer includes entry for two, a brew and sweet treat at the Meerkat Restaurant, a photo keying for a souvenir keepsake and to top it off a cuddly toy to take home. You can expect a theme of courtship, romantic rituals and breeding told by the zookeepers telling the tales of what goes on behind the scenes in the animal kingdom. The occasion will surpass the whole weekend, and it will be full of joy and fascinating too.

Sunset at Croke Park

Why not join the Ericsson Skyline Dusk Tour at Croke Park and watch the sun go down? This limited-edition tour allows you to witness the remarkable Dublin Cityscape at Dusk. If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous, then this is the one to get the hearts racing. Do you fancy peering out at Dublin Skyline and witnessing the panoramic views, from 17 storeys up? Well, the fun doesn’t stop there, after seeing the twinkling Dublin sights dwindle into darkness, you are also given an array of knowledge from the tour guide delving into Dublin’s rich history and its connection with St valentines. And then to top it off, the Romantic occasion ends in the nearby Croke Hotel where guests are treated to a cocktail or Mocktail.

Now, who’d have thought Dublin would have all that on offer this Valentines? Surprising yes, but since St Valentines himself is present in this City it’s only right that the occasion is celebrated in style here!


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