Dublin Makes The List Of Top 10 Friendliest Cities In The World!


Fellow Irish citizens, congratulations!

Not to sound smug or anything (well perhaps just a tad) because Dublin has happened to make it onto the top 10 friendliest cities to visit in the world list.

Not only that, we made the list twice since Cork also made it onto the list, which goes to show us Irish folks are a decent bunch.

The international publication who issued the travel list known as Big Seven Travel released the report after asking its social audience consisting of around 1.5 Million people to vote for its favourable friendliest cities of the world. Us fellow Dubliners happen to rank in at 6th place. Now we already know that we are a friendly lot, but to have that recognised publicly is a truly awesome achievement for us.

We may not be as big compared to other cities, but we are certainly not forgotten!

So, who ranked where?


Well according to the list Dublin is sitting in 6th just behind 5thplace Hamburg in Germany and behind us sitting in 7th place is Christchurch in New Zealand! To add to our delight Cork is also recognised by the public vote, it may not have made the top ten, but it made the list of top 50 and again, having two cities on the list is incredibly exciting for Ireland.

What did voters say about us?


According to voters, Dublin is a place of helpful and friendly people, always willing to chat and that we have a good sense of humour! They also noted how well-mannered we are when referring to how we even thank the Bus drivers after a journey and highlighted our kindness and warmth.

Irelands Tourism director Siobhan McManny expressed how the warmth of the people within our great nation is one of the unique selling points, making Ireland a favourable choice of destination for short breaks and holidays.

Well, done fellow Irish citizens, let’s keep up the good work!

And for those who are thinking of visiting Dublin, we will be very happy to receive you and show you around this wonderful region, always with a big smile on our faces.

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