Halloween In Dublin-Top Festivals, Events And More!


As the dark nights begin to creep in, so do all the ghouls and Goblins because the end of October marks the awakening of the spirit world otherwise known as Halloween and if you haven’t found anything ‘Spooktacular’ to do just yet… then we have just the thing for you! Head on over to Dublin and join in the array of festivities it’s going to be spine tingly scary, dark and mysterious and extremely enjoyable, a holiday season you’ll never forget.

The Irish have been celebrating Halloween since the neck of time and this holiday season is going to be as spectacular as ever with a line-up of events and festivities that can be explored and enjoyed by the whole family, it’s sure to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and send shivers down your spine buts it not all doom and gloom, there’s plenty of light-hearted fun festivities to explore too.

Here’s the low down;


For theatre lovers, this remarkable event- staged by the Delig Irish theatre group- sees a step back in time as the whole place is transformed into the medieval ages during the dark days of the Black Death. Be prepared for prowling corpses, historical Plague stories, and herbal healing herbs as the healthy desperately grapple to refrain from catching the disease. This is an event that can be enjoyed by all of the family.

Dublin Zoo

Yet again, Dublin Zoo is joining the festivities, and this year is no exception; the enclosure is about to be garlanded out in Halloween decor as well as plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy, such as arts and crafts, face painting and a spooky monster disco. The highlight of the event this year sees the mass pumpkin smash performed by none other than the elephants, think of it as Nelly the elephant clapped his trunk and said goodbye to the pumpkin, one not to be missed!

Bram Stoker Festival

Garlic at the ready and be prepared to fight off those vamps as this year’s festival-held over several days-is terrifyingly good showcasing film screenings as well as a mood-enhancing Victorian themed amusement park. No one does it better than the Bram Stoker Festival, so get vamped up and ready to join in the fun. Watch out for those fangs; you may want to take a drop of Holy water with you, just saying!

National Wax Museum

Suitable for kids aged four and above this year sees the National wax museum transformed into a spooky haunted house. Expect to see ghouls and ghosts, wicked witches, and the pumpkin king himself. It’s going to be an enjoyable experience for kids who get to play the joyful game of counting the scattered and hidden pumpkins to free the museum from Mr. Pumpkin King himself.

Glasnevin Tours

Dublin’s Glasnevin Cemetery is once again showcasing an eerily spooktacular event, now although this may sound like a night of the living dead, it is, in fact, an occasion to be enjoyed by the whole family and yes that includes the kids. This year they are doing tours of cemetery delving into its spooky past, including the scary stories of some of the unfavourable beings buried in the grounds from long ago. Get your little ones costume ready for this one and enjoy an evening of light-hearted spooky surprises.

Trick or Treat

Dublin is very much a city that loves the Halloween festivities and celebrates in all its glory, as well as events mentioned above. You’re sure to find plenty of other goings-on this holiday season, such as Halloween discos at local bars and pubs and plenty of trick and treating too.

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