Sorrento Terrace

Sorrento Terrace


This picture was taken from Sorrento Park looking out over the Irish Sea.

Sorrento Park in its hay day, was a private victorian garden with breathtaking views of Dublin Bay on one side and Killiney Hill and Wicklow on the other.

A recently restored bandstand once entertained the guests in this garden.

Now open to the Public this is a beautiful park to visit and take in the scenery.

In 1837 Richard McDonnell bought this plot of land and later in the 40’s planned to build a row of houses later to be known as Sorrento Terrace.

This became known as Millionaires Row for obvious reasons.

After his death in 1867 his family gave the land to trustees who then opened the park to the public in 1894.

Dalkey Island taken from Sorrento Park.


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