Things to Do for A Non-Drinkers Night Out In Dublin This Summer

In Dublin, being with friends and dining out almost always happens in a bar, and we have many: big, small, traditional or modern, there are hundreds to choose from. And usually full of local, international, craft beers, and other alcoholic beverages for all tastes.

But if for some reason you prefer to enjoy the city’s summer nights without drinking alcohol, there are plenty of great options too.

Here are some of best things to do in Dublin this summer:

Visit the Virgin Mary

Yes, a non-alcoholic pub – it’s in Dublin, the capital of bars!

It’s called “The Virgin Mary,” a perfect name because the drinks are “virgin”: zero alcohol. This is a very cool bar, and the cocktails are delicious!

Definitely a place worth stopping by during your night of no-alcoholic activities.

Go on a food crawl

"food crawl"

It’s a bit like a pub crawl but better. Ireland’s distinctive climate has allowed the lush Emerald island to be blessed with a landscape that helps deliver truly world-class products.

There’s nothing like venturing from place to place to discover Dublin’s best gastronomy. The city is full of small gastronomic restaurants and pubs, with top quality delicious food.

From some of the world’s creamiest and tastiest cheeses to famous seafood, Dublin is producing award-winning foods.

Go to an outdoor movie

As the sun goes down, why not bring a blanket and watch a movie under the stars? Outdoor theatres are one of the highlights of summer – imagine watching La La Land or Dirty Dancing – at sunset, with city lights shining in the distance.

Do an escape room

If you like puzzles, mysteries, and a good challenge, you and your friends will be transported to new realities as the protagonists of an exciting game in which the main challenge is to escape in time.

An Escape Room is a totally interactive and fascinating game that puts you in different roles, arouses all your instincts, and wakes up your imagination while having a few laughs with your mates.

Escape Dublin on Aungier Street is a great option. The Escape Boats at Grand Canal are also a popular choice

Spend the night in the arcade


If you’ve ever played an arcade game in your life, this is indeed the place to be. There is nothing like spending Saturday-night with your mates in a fun geeky gamer bar with old school arcade games.

Some popular spots are Jam Park and Token.

As you can see, being a “teetotaller” for a night doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all the fun. There are plenty of exciting options available, so choose the ones that best interest you and have fun.

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